Let Your Life Speak


Simply tell us your own unique story.


2 Responses to Let Your Life Speak

  1. emily says:

    I’m just an ordinary girl trying to live an extraordinary life. And I’d like to share my story. While I think it’s a common one, I don’t think it’s an often shared one. It’s a good one, but it’s a quiet one.

    I was born a Georgia girl, but never really had roots anywhere since I was an army brat. We spent the longest time in a small suburb outside Virginia, where my brother was born; until my parents divorced. It was 1982; my mom packed my brother and I into the car and off we went to Texas, where our extended family lived. We settled in Plano and our new lives began.

    I never really fit in anywhere; I always felt like the square peg, on the inside. I did everything in my power to be perfect and make everyone happy. I enjoyed the roll of “mother chicken”. I helped raise my brother and run the house while my mom worked to sustain us and give us what she could. I always knew there was something deep inside me that longed to be heard.

    Rolling through junior high and heading into high school, my mother remarried – a controlling and abusive man. My depression overtook me, and I just couldn’t find the way to express my desperation to anyone. I was experiencing unexplained headaches and had developed an ulcer – was on numerous prescription medications to treat my ailments. My attempts to express myself were purely physical – I was a cutter and I tried several time to end my life. Luckily, I survived.

    I had always dated boys – it was really the only option I knew growing up in Plano. I continued to do what I was “supposed” to do. I went to college, got engaged, moved home, got married, bought a big house and was still completely lost and unhappy.

    I will not forget several dates. March 17, 2003, I was taking a shower and realized that I didn’t need to stay in an abusive marriage. I would be ok on my own. And I realized I was attracted to women. I loved women. May 15, 2003, I told my husband I wanted a divorce. Two weeks later, I moved out in the middle of the night. September 29, 2004, I represented myself in court and finalized my divorce – to me, a true birth day. June 1, 2008, I will celebrate 5 years with my true soul mate, the woman that completes and loves me like no one else could.

    Once my mother told me she believed I was a lesbian because I had bad experiences with men growing up. I smile, and gently tell her I was born this way. When I try to explain being a lesbian to my mother, all I could really ever say is that I finally feel natural in my own skin. The pieces all fall into place – this is where I fit and where I belong. I have found a community that is my other family – they accept me without even knowing who I am, and yet, they look in my eyes and see my soul. I am happy. I have hope. I have life and it has a purpose.

  2. scot presley says:

    Emily – Thank you for sharing your story. Our stories make us what we are. Our history either makes us stronger or breaks us down. You are obviously one that has special powers and inner strength – and a lot of love in your heart. Again, thank you for sharing. There is nothing ordinary or common about you!

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